Broken scenes/tilesets?


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I let my 7 year old son play around with the scene editor for a golf game i'm working on, however when we went to test his little level out, the scene came out all garbled and wrong.

Screenshot attached.

Seems like a pretty big bug to me. The only thing I can recall that was done in the software was that I stretched the UI for the tileset to allow my son to see more tiles. Nothing else has changed, and the scene certainly looks nothing like what is seen in design mode.

On a side note, the software is easy enough for children to use and yet provides so much capability. That's a pretty huge accomplishment :)

ps. Official version and nightly build tested. Neither made a difference in this case.


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In the scene's xml, I discovered:
<scene depth="3" desc="" format="1.0" gravx="-0.0" gravy="85.0" height="750" id="3" name="Level4" revision="" savecount="0" tiled="1" tileh="50" tilew="50"

The tiles are 32x32. This is the only scene this has occurred in, and I can't figure out how it changed on its own. I am assuming this might be part of resizing the UI, but i'm not sure.


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I had similar issues.

I added an image as a tileset.

It was as wide as my scene for iPhone. I placed the tiles and started my game on the iPhone and the tileset was squeezed into half.

Then I discovered, if I change the tile size in the editor to any number and then back to 32x32 then it works just as it should work.

This resized the example image in the editor as well, so it is probably tied to resizing windows.


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Hmm, if you can reproduce this by telling me the exact steps taking to reproduce this, I should be able to track this down and fix it.


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Haven't been able to reproduce it.

I also noticed in another instance, tiles from a separate tileset were showing wrong (or not at all).

Can you check for any function that manipulates the TileH and TileW, and maybe just see where something like that might occur?

Guesses of related/similar issues:
-Selection of more than 1 tile for setting collision groups.
-Resizing Tileset pane in design mode
-Creating and moving Layers
-Use of different tilesets on the same layer; replacing a tile or moving a tile onto another (already set) tile from a different tile set.
-Scenes with a larger width/height than the size of the game [I have always noticed random weird issues with this].

I have a huge feeling it's related to one or likely more of those but without much time and no sudden success to reproduce it I can't help much more at this time.


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Can you upload this game to Forge and I'll see if I can break it? I assume I'll use the tips you provide above to trigger the problem and check the scene.xml file for 50x50 (failure) instead of 32x32 (pass). Thanks.


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The same thing happens to me, however, my tiles are 16x16. I dont know if the tile size has anything to do with it