Ludum Dare 44 - Your life is currency


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Ludum Dare is upon us once again! The theme this time around is "Your life is currency." Interpret this as creatively as you can: a magic-based setting where you buy upgrades with HP, a vampire economy where everyone wants to buy your blood, a game where you play as a dollar bill, etc.

Feel free to post ideas, progress, and/or completed entries in this thread. At the end of the weekend I will attempt to compile a list of the Stencyl entries.

For those who are not aware, Ludum Dare is a 48/72-hour competition where the goal is make a game from scratch based on a given theme. The Compo is strictly for solo entrants and lasts 48 hours; the Jam is for teams and lasts 72 hours. Both events start when the theme is announced at 9pm EDT on Friday; the Compo ends 9pm EDT Sunday, and the Jam at 9pm EDT on Monday. Visit to enter!

Happy Stencyling, and good luck!
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I did it! I finished my first Ludum Dare!
It's been really hard work but it's a very interesting experience, and in the end I am quite satisfied by what I came up with.
Here is my entry for Ludum Dare 44 Compo, Theme: Your life is currency.

Looking forward to hear your feedback.