Stencyl jam #18 Winners


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The winners of Stencyl Jam #18 are...

1st. Up-Nest by havana24

Flap your way to the top of each level while dodging tricky enemies and spikes. Blast barrels and baddies to refill your flap meter. Choose an upgrade at the end of each level to hopefully make your life easier, or at least undo the mistakes you made in the previous room. This game doesn't shy away from its Downwell influence, but the end result is something so crunchy and fun it's hard to put down.

2nd. Little Blip by LittleGames

Launch your ball into the air, land on a platform, and launch again, trying to get as high as possible. There's a catch though: you can only land on platforms that are the same color as the ball. Swap the ball's color by passing through the colorizer zones. The monophonic beeps and blips in this game are incredibly satisfying, harkening back to the simple but mesmerizing aesthetics of the earliest video games.

3rd. 1.3rd Project Innocence by Akemi Yume

Defeat all of the enemies in each room to move forward. The player has several abilities at their disposal; the basic platformer essentials (walking and jumping), a basic shooting attack, a quick dash for dodging bullets, and a radial spray of bullets that must be charged up and timed well. Although the game may seem somewhat underwhelming at first, each room becomes its own interesting and unique challenge. You'll find yourself developing strategies, tailored to each room, that utilize all your abilities to clear out the enemies without getting killed.


Congrats to all the winners! You'll each be receiving a year of Stencyl Studio.

And, good job to everyone who participated! There were 18 new games made, which is something everyone should be really happy about.

It had been a while since our last Stencyl Jam. We're planning on doing these more frequently, so you can expect another one sometime this year.


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Wow!  Congratulations to all participants for creating fun and interesting games.  I'm very honored to be among the winners.  Thank you.


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Congratulations to the winners.

So nice that there will be more Stencyl Jams!
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Hey, congrats to everyone!
I really had fun creating Up-nest. :)

Hope to see more jam of this kind here!
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1. First prize is totally satisfying to play. I've wasted  a good amount of time playing this one. Perfect polishing, from start to restart it's fun to play and nice to look at. Game mechanics work as they seem to have to. Loved to get random upgrades wich pushed me to try again to balance the gathered upgrades and test different variations of those.

2. Second one is boring, great game mechanics but plain boring. Technically it's a good one and thinking about the programming it's a well mastered and polished gameplay. I just didn't like to play it, low fun factor although big ups to the coding.

3. Third prize is lovely, just as everything Akemi designs but I had some problems at the beginning, didn't understand how to use the unprecise attacks. Has a good story ( but I didn't finish it tho) but lacks a bit polishing since the design seems to be raw.

We had a few other good entries and for me it was a first test.
I had no fun at all designing my game (sounds odd, yeah).
Was in a total hurry and nearly overslept for work.
This stresstest showed me that plans are sometimes bigger than the result.
This jam was a great possibility to learn.

We'll see us in the next jam I hope.