My first Published Stencyl Game Blackhole Falling! advalible on Google Play

Check Out Blackhole Falling! at :
I spent my last 15 months working on Blackhole Falling! through upper middle school and lower high school.

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It is really cute looking. I like how gameplay flows in different directions.

Why is the blackhole rotating? You have irregular shapes in there for a few levels, so wouldn't the blackhole be better as a circle?

The Main Character(Pixel)  is a square and rotates to add more the difficulty, that was intended so the gameplay won't be as predictable to make it more challenging. Also, I added the rotation for Pixel to better portray the idea of falling through space. Pixel is also a square to better fit in with the courses which use only squares aside from the background.  I did consider making Pixel a circle, but I decide the square for the reason stated above. Thank You for the critique and your honest opinions; please do not hesitate to give me more feedback or suggestions.