Push - or M.I.A. Mia lost In Time.


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Made something like 30 games. That is to say, started something like 30 games.
Show me a project I've started and I'll show you a project I have not completed.

No audio... Did something like this a couple years ago but more complex with major glitches.
Should I continue or move on?   http://tapdroid.com/swf/push.swf
<a href="http://tapdroid.com/swf/push.swf" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://tapdroid.com/swf/push.swf</a>


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I think that the premise is interesting but you need to polish how the palyer moves and interacts. Pushing the stone takes way too much time. Sometimes wrong animations appear (pushing instead of walking) and the switching between animations could be much smoother in general.

I would continue but start polishing the movement first before building more content.


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I agree with Bombini. The idea is nice, but really needs some polish.