Ring the Bell: a challenging puzzle game


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Ring the Bell is a challenging physics based puzzle game.  Place different tiles onto the grid to change the path of the ball in order to ring the bell!  This demo contains 3 groups, containing 10 levels each.  Each new group introduces a new game mechanic.  The full game will have 10 groups, for a total of 100 levels.

You can turn off sounds or reset your progress by clicking on the settings button on the start screen.

Click on the question mark to get information about the level, return to the main screen, or get hints.

Attached are some screenshots.


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Nice one. Congratulations on making a game including a in-game tutorial, level selection, awards and menu system.
Ideal for a mobile game but then you need to ramp up the graphics-polish a notch
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Well done. I agree that the graphics need some work. My biggest gripe is that levels reset if you fail.


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Thanks for checking it out and providing feedback. By saying "levels reset if you fail" means you would like to restore the tiles after you fail, you can. The middle icon at the bottom will reset the tiles at the point you pressed play and you can change any of them and hit play again.  Perhaps there needs be a better way to indicate this. Or maybe that needs to be the default with the option to start with a clean slate.


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Yeah, I didn't realise that the button did that. I thought it was just a restart button. Personally I'd start with the tiles you had already placed. Perhaps add it as an option so the player can choose what to do on a restart.