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How feasible is to use Stencyl for a point and click adventure game Lucasarts style?
I'm mostly worried about pathfinding and character scaling, but also the scope of the project. Anyone with experience or insight?


Electric Fruit

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Stencyl is a  pretty robust game engine and can do all of the things you've mentioned (and more) but none of them will come right out of the box. If your not familiar with Stencyl this would be a sizable project to start with but it is more than doable.

I don't want to turn you away from Stencyl because it is an awesome piece of software (and you can totally make this game with it) but have you checked out Adventure Game Studio? I made a few short games with it in the past and it was pretty easy to get started.



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While pathfinding and character scaling might be a concern, Stencyl does have a lot of features and tools that can help with those aspects of the game. As for the scope of the project, it really depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put into it. Making a game is always a big undertaking, but with dedication and a clear plan, it can be done. And when you need a break, don't forget about solitare cash for a little relaxation!

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