I cant set up Heyzap in my game


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I'm using Heyzap Extension by byrobingames I've done everything to set up on the Heyzap website, but I still get in the Debug Mode that all the SDKs aren't available and I can't see any ads (Banners and Rewarded videos). On the Heyzap website, it shows that everything is fine even 8 impressions from Unity which is weird because I haven't seen them and in the Debug mode it's shown as not available. I used iOs IDFA on the Heyzap website for testing. I'm not sure where else should I look for a solution. Heyzap doesn't have any support or even e-mail to write to and Fiber who bought Heyzap doesn't have anything of this sort either.  Maybe someone has any experience that might help me?

When I test from Stencyl in Console I can see that Heyzap isn't even trying to fetch any networks I set up on the Heyzap Website.
default 18:31:12.722938 +0100 HeadlessD final HZHeyzapExchangeBannerAdapter - requestFailedWithError: Error Domain=com.heyzap.ads.exchange.banners Code=1 "(null)" UserInfo={error=no_fill}
default 18:31:13.449276 +0100 HeadlessD final None of the available banner adapters were able to fetch an ad. Ad networks we checked: []. Retrying in 8 seconds.
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Do you also have the extensions for the other networks you want to use enabled? Also Heyzap is now discontinued, it is just Fyber now, so I'm not sure how that affects this extension.