How do I bulk import?


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I was hoping I could drag and drop, or copy and paste 150 sound effects. Is there really no way to do that?

1) Do I really have to import them one at a time?
2) Do I really have to type the name of them one at a time, even though they already have a name?
3) Do I really have to import both the mp3 and the ogg file separately into the one sound in the dashboard? I guess I was hoping I could drag and drop the 2 file types that have the exact same name onto the dashboard for sounds, and have them magically appear in the one sound.

I also thought I could just copy the sounds into the resources folder for the game, but the ones already in there are renamed to numbers. I guess I could bulk rename all my sounds to numbers first, but would that screw something up? Like does Stencyl need to rename and organize these after I import them?

Version 4.0.1 lets me drag and drop, but then it tells me there's a problem that I should report. Then it's locked trying to save until I clicked the close button, then I can only close without saving. But then when I run Stencyl again, the sounds are there on the dashboard, but they don't have the mp3 in them yet. At least that way I don't have to type the name of each of them again. So I guess I'll just use 4.0.1 for the sounds unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.
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