no animation falling from platforms but yes in jump


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Good morning. Many times I used the forums and found the answers to many problems. but now I have a question that I could not solve in the forums. I have a fall animation works well when the character jumps, but when falling from a platform the animation of walking when it falls falls. I tried everything but I think there must be a problem with On ground since that animation should not be seen as it is not colliding.

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In your code, you don't have anything setting "On Ground?" to false, only when jumping. You might think that your "if not actor hit a tile" would execute, but that is inside a collision event, meaning your actor would need to collide with something for that to happend. That's why your falling animation isn't paying in those cases.

Use the double-boolean setup to check when a collision is not happening instead. In the attached example, the "On Ground" attribute will return true if the actor is touching the ground, and false if not touching the ground.
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It was the collision of the sprite that my animation did not touch the ground by a pixel I had to manipulate the collision and make the box above the sprite. Now it works. the corrections and te colison box on the sprite is more importan

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