ctrl+alt+reset, game for Stencyl Jam #19


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Hey there.  I post here, https://grtodaro.itch.io/ctrlaltreset, my first game I have ever created and I built it in Stencyl.
With this game I'm partecipating to an online competition (https://itch.io/jam/stencyl-jam-19). The theme of this jam is "reset".
I'm realy satisfied about the result considering my knowledge level of the software and its capability.
I'm going to improve myself. This is only the biginning. Stay tuned.


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Looks great. Congrats on getting a game together for the jam :)


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Great work for a first game!  I thought the mechanic was interesting, having to watch your character and watch out for which keystrokes to press as well. 


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Looks great, though too hardcore for me :) Reminds me of VVVVVV.
I'd love more colours, too. Red is a bit depressing. Yellow would be nice at least for a change :)
Also I didn't figure out what's with the green levels. What is their function?