Get device height?


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Excuse me for asking so many questions. I am a absolute beginner with Stencyl.
I am coming to Stencyl from the MIT App Inventor.

Is it in Stencyl possible to get the height of the user device?
And after that to adapt the screen (or Level) heigth to the height of the device?
I searched some tutorials but found nothing useful.

See picture:

Or is that not possible at all?



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Stencyl will automatically adapt the game to the screen

It is possible to find the screen height by code, but quite useless :)
If you really want it, I'll look for it .


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In block search just type screen, and you will find a block with screen size either height and width. And as @yoplalala said, it's good to use scalling mode so it will fit any screen automatically


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Thank you for the answers. I think I have to get a little more familiar with the program  ;)

The picture i attachted, is Scale to fit (Full screen)

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