Actor collision on tiles.


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Hi all,
So I'm working on a platformer game, and I'm having an issue with how the player actor is colliding with the tiles in the levels.
I have 3 animations, with 2 directions (using the run-jump behaviors that come with stencyl) and when the player is colliding with the tiles (ground) its supposed to be set to the idle animation. However the actor starts jittering between the idle animation and the jump animations. Even when walking/running it constantly jitters between the 2. The only time this doesn't happen is if my character actually manages to Jump, and then that animation plays accurately,
Of course once the actor lands back on the tiles, the jittering resumes.
I've tried making the tiles have collison shapes, and set them to no collision and used terrain shapes.
The player is set with Normal actor type and normal actor collision (box2d).
I've tried googling for similar problems and haven't had much luck.
If anyone has an idea, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Video on collisions:
At 5:20 it explains what you need to do. You probably are animations with different sizes, which have their collision boxes at different positions, resulting in the jitter.
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