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Hello. Newbie here. I've been practicing Stencyl for about 20 hours the last 3 days. I've been watching tutorials from a YouTube channel called Mad Tech.
This is the exact video i got stuck with. In this video he makes the robot go back and forth using a tile and adding DATA to the tile so the robot knows when to turn back. I do exactly as the video says, but my robot doesn't go from right to left and so on, but just goes right till it collides with a tile. I've been at this since last night (nearly 10 hours now). I think the problem Im having must be in the properties or maybe some other aspect i don't even know of. Can you guys help me? I need multiple enemies to go from right to left so i think the "endPoint" is the more effective way but i can't get it done. Any other ways will be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Tile Api is difficult. Not good idea to learn it in the beginning stage.  What I suggest is:
1. Finish crash courses for Stencyl.
2. Read briefly this, just things that interest you.
3. Read the whole guide for blocks.

And if you need fixing your code with enemies. I had similar issue and it has been solved here:,55885.msg297352.html#msg297352

It will take some time but after this, you should feel pretty confident in Stencyl.


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I have some behaviors you can build off of. They can be found here:

One of them implements ledge detection, albeit not using tile data.