Stencyl merchandise?


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Hot drink mugs, T-shirts and possibly hoodies with the Stencyl logo.

Suppose many Stencyllers will buy these to use at home, workplace or industry events. 
As I understand, this can be set up via any print-on-demand service in half an hour.
The black / white colours of the merch are the easiest and safest options.
The "Stencyl" logo as in the Stencyl website header. White logo for black colour of the merch, dark grey logo for the white colour of the merch.
Mugs in two sizes, t-shirts premium cotton, in standard sizes, the print-on-demand websites have them all available.

- Sense of community for the game developers
- Extra publicity for the engine
- A bit of extra cash for the Stencyl team


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I've already got a Stencyl shirt, silk-screened myself probably about 10 years ago. :)
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I'd buy a Stencyl mug!


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Looks like the idea is getting traction!
But it's the owners of the Stencyl IP who need to handle this:
- I doubt that the Stencyl logo is free to use by anyone for whatever purposes;
- The designs may end up being very different, which is not good for the product image;
- The Stencyl team is not going to benefit from the sales unless it's officially their merch.
Anybody knows whom to ping personally?