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eight or nine years ago I made a demo for a stencyl project that was essentially a low budget mario bros clone. not very cutting edge or original I know

after many years away from stencyl I decided to come back and get familiar with it again. Back when i was last active stencylforge was still open and i largely used premade behaviors to make the game demo. the pixels and music were made by me though.
I decided to revisit the premise as a means to reacquaint myself with the program and the interface, as much has changed, and my memory of things was largely faded.

I decided that Id make the graphics a bit higher resolution, but still simple, and that Id also make new music with the same style as the old demo. I have some new ideas for gameplay that have yet to be implemented.

As it stands I have to polish it up yet, and I have only the first area fleshed out. I used some behaviors from the forge because thats what im familiar with. have also been making my own behaviors where I can

No enemies are present as of yet, nor are there any powerups. But theyll find their way in due time.

the controls are subject to change. for now the arrows handle direction, but I plan to use WASD and bring in mouse cursors to the game play in the form of a potato gun that fires the players 1ups and coins as projectiles to kill enemies and break obstacles.

I know it needs work and that its not the most innovative game idea, and Im not sure if itll get finished or not, but I figure id post it here and keep track of the progress. Id like to finish it though. This is not the best game, and i have the intention on making something a little more original and ambitious once Im comfortable working in stencyl and making pixel art again. After all I took a long time away, and have to get my bearings