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Hello, i have made a few sample games with Stencyl, but i cannot export it to html5 full screen size or to make it to fit the viewport size. The game is always smaller than the browser viewport or it is cropped. I think i have test all the options in
settings → web, but i have no lucky...

Thank you in advance

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I do not think you can do it, but the site that hosts the game would have to do it because what is put in full screen is the browser (f11), you could put a text that says press f11
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Just go in Settings -> Advanced and put this in OpenFL Settings field:

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<window resizable="true" if="html5" />

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and how do you get out of full screen, because it's a weird kind of full screen
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There's a problem with the generated game-config.json file. Open this file your workspace: [stencylworks]/games-generated/[game name]/Config/game-config.json. (The workspace, [stencylworks], can be found with Tools > View Folder > View Workspace Folder.)

Paste the contents here or file a new issue on the issue tracker.
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