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Is it possible to add tabs in a text or add a number of spaces, not two spaces or three, but a number that represents a separation between letters? Since I can calculate the width of the letters I would like to add a width of space I specify.
this is test 1      2 there are 5 spaces between 1 and 2 but I want them to be separated by 6.5 spaces.


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Something like this?

This is text one/6.5/this is text two/8/this is text three

So you use / to split the text into a list so it looks like this:

Item 0: This is text one
Item 1: 6.5 is the value of spaces
Item 2: This is text two
Item 3: 8 is the value of spaces.
Item 4: this is item three


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That is not what I am saying.
what I say is each word has a size the space " " measures 5.5 the letter A measures 7.5 etc. what I say is that between two letters if I leave a space the distance is 5.5 but instead of being 5.5 the distance is for example 6.5 and not 5.5 that equals even space " ". I'm just asking if it's possible.


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It is, you will have to break your text in multiple blocks and position each on accordingly, with the desired space between them. You can achieve that with lists.
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