Drag a actor horizontal and vertical


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 i need a little help.
I try to make a actor drag vertical and a different actor horizonal. For that i have edit a actor behavior (from StencylForge)

Basically it works.
But i have (at the moment) two problems:

1. The bars dont stop to move when they touch themself
2. When the bar touch the edge of the screen and the user release the bar, the bar jump a little outside of the screen.

I have make a example stenyl file.

Maybe someone can take a look inside and give my a advice.
Thanks for your help

Kind regards,


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Try the attached file.
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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Thanks for your help! Your attached file works!
Thank you very much.

But now i have a new problem. The bars interact with my "Players". But they don't should do that. They passing thru.
I have make a example file. It is working with a Android Device because it is a ballance game.
I don't understand why this happen.... :-\