[SOLVED] Advice on stopping sounds that are on a 'do after' block


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Greetings friends! As the title says I want to stop sounds that occur after a stop all sounds block but are in a do after... Here is a picture (below) to show the block order.
What is happening is that the first sound plays and stops if I keep hitting the actor repeatedly. What happens a little later is a mass of the next two sounds because they were waiting their time...
How do I work something in that will stop the 'do after' if another sound producing thing has been clicked on?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Read on "Channels."

Also watch my tutorial on manual timers: https://youtu.be/8A3mmm32l6g
These should cover what you need to do.
My Stencyl resources are available here: https://luyren.itch.io/
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Thanks a bunch Luyren! Will do!


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Thank you Luyren for your advice. I found your video very informative but I ended up experimenting with the 'when sound finishes playing' block which actually cut down my code a lot and helped organize things a bit better.

Always happy to see your stuff though!