Blocks/Objects Jittering Against Each Other


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Hi guys! I'm trying to make a block removal type game and I've come into the problem where my blocks are kind of bouncing/jittering against each other. I've tried playing with the materials and the damping factors and nothing helped. I downloaded the Catapult kit and played it as is and got the same problem (screenshot below, not sure if you can see it but things are kind of bouncy and crooked). Not sure if it's a known bug or if I just did something wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

I've also uploaded the game I'm making to so you can see what is going on. The gray blocks are set to 1 for both masses and are made of wood, with max linear/angular damping. The black blocks are not affected by gravity and are dead weight. Also the gravity is 50 down.



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From what I have read, this behavior is a consequence of the method chosen to simulate physics.
I don't know how the guys who made Angry Birds solved this issue, but I'm pretty sure it requires a lot of trial and error to get the right values.

I think you should also ask for help in the Box2D forums.
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Can you also upload the sample game to Forge so we can play with it?

So you want the blocks not to be topple or just jitter a little less?


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Hmm, I tried to tackle you're problem, made it stop jittering. Try using this behavior with the boxes:

You need to make the collision shape of your boxes to be one less in both y and x though.

This is buggy, and you might have floating boxes in the air although the supports are gone unless you can manage to make the actors collide =( test here, click to drop box

(sorry for talking like a dummy, new to stencyl and terminologies)


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Hi! Thanks for the replies! Sift, I actually did something similar to what you did there. I disabled gravity and rotation for everything and have the game enable them for the blocks only after the user inputs their first command so the blocks don't have time to jitter/fall before the player can knock them down. Not the perfect fix but it's working for now...

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Maybe try "anchor self to screen" when created.


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Sorry i may sound stupid, how about for the “block" if block movement speed < than certain no. unable gravity for self. So after the 1st hit on the block it will disable gravity when the motion come almost to ease. Do you think this work? I don’t know how to code the movement part, but sound logical. Any help on this, I search for this on forum but can’t find a perfect work around on this.