[SOLVE] Can´t test game for Android in Mac (JAVA JDK problem)


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Hi guys, I am new in MAC and I can figured out what to do to make it work.
I download Stencyl (10568) I download all android SDK, even different versions.
I installed JAVA last version v15, later v8, later v12.
But always said install last version of SDK...
(see attach files)

when I install last version of SDK, then I got an error in JDK.

If there are anyone using MAC and making games for Android, what is your configuration, please?

Note: I didn't install Xcode, because I think is only for iPhone games, and I am creating the game for Android.

Thanks in advance.

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Try adding "/Contents/Home" to the jdk path.
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Hi Justin, thanks for the answer.

I did that but didn't work, so at the end, I went to tools --android-- reinstall android SDK.

after reinstall the SDK  works...