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I'm getting ready to submit my game to Apple, and I'm having some trouble creating the required privacy policy.
I'm not sure what format to use, nor what information to include. Does anyone have a template or sample privacy policy or any guidance they might be able to offer?

My game uses ad-mob for advertisements, Game-Center for a leaderboard feature, in-app purchases to gain an extra life for the endless runner game, and requests access to one's network in efforts to connect to Game Center and IAPs. Other than that, I'm not gathering any other data intentionally. Is there any data Stencyl collects? Is there any data that Stencyl has me collect? What kind of data might I be collecting unintentionally? What else might I need to include?

Thank you!!!


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While I don't know this subject at all, I'd suggest asking on the discord server as well.
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