Looking for programmer for Reigns-style Game


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Hello there,

This is a paid project with a negotiable weekly rate.

I'm looking for a programmer to create a game like Reigns with intermittent sections of platforming. If you watch from 1:30-2:30 in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kdZKgIoSd0&ab_channel=Northernlion), you'll get a good idea of what Reigns is.

I plan to handle this project with a lot of iteration. So, you prototype, I test it on friends, we discuss, and then you prototype the next version. Ideally, we have a new prototype each week, and are messaging each other with questions and thoughts throughout the week.

Overall, that means I am looking for two things in a collaborator:

-At least 10 hours of work per week (ideally more)
-Fluent or near fluent in English

Optionally (not expected), it would be great if you:
-Had UI/UX experience
-Were a fan of text adventures, visual novels, etc.
-Had shipped a Stencyl game to Steam
-Lived in the US (for time zone purposes)

Please message me with your interest. Thanks!