Engine Extension

I made a Engine Extension that works like YouTube!

download here (NOT ZIPED)|Description: You can use this to make a live video entertainment like Youtube!
                  |                                             | All you need to do is change the 1st row code of the underscores except for the
                    |                                           | [.cofig__] and  [data__].
                      |                                         | And also this only works for HTML5. Follow all the instructions, good?
                  |                                             |
                      |                                         |P.S.: Use Your Video Entertainment App Name On The __.And also use any uhh...
                     |                                          |stuff like that?
                  |                                             |Here's my example anyways: [window] or [mac]. Put those on the word HTML5.
                    |                                           |This only work on HTML5. And Import this to 'Code'
                    |                                            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                   \ /

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No coding required (maybe a little code change and code finding) :)

Read the Description (There is my Instruction in there) before using.

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