In App Purchases iOS


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I've enabled IAP for my game, and they work just fine, but I'm noticing a small delay.
When I press  the "buy a life" button, the sandbox mode appears with a purchase button via apple pay. The problem I'm noticing though is that there is a significant amount of time that goes by between pressing the "buy a life" button snd the sandbox apple pay window appearing. The delay is multiple seconds. Is this typical? Will this occur for the user as well, or is this purely a sandbox glitch?

I also notice a significant delay on the backend of the IAP. After completing the purchase, a little sandbox window pops up saying the purchase was successful. Yet again though, this little sandbox window doesn't appear until multiple seconds (around 10-20) have passed since the purchase has been completed. The problem here is that the IAP won't register for gameplay until after the sandbox window "purchase successful" has appeared., so 20 sec go by before the player would be able to play with their tap, and then they're interrupted by sandbox during gameplay. Is this typical as well? Is it purely a sandbox problem but won't carry over to actual IAP upon publishing?