resource folder full of repeating images


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Compiling my game I have seen that it weighs almost 100 Mg. and it only has 4 screens.
When looking at the resources folder I find that it weighs 10Mg, it has all the images repeated up to 4 times, can the images that are not used be deleted? For example, the player has 4 images in different scales, can I delete all of them except the scale that the game uses or is it necessary to keep all of them?


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Go to settings > advanced, uncheck all uneeded scales, then go to tools > clean project and cleanup unused files. If you are making a mobile game and want to support multiple devices, it is in your best interest to keep all scales as far as I know.
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Hi! You need to reduce PNG size, otherwise the app stores will complain. You can use pngquant, works like a charm.