Game detects player touching the right wall, but not the left


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While trying to implement walljumping, Stencyl can detect the player touching a wall on their right and act on it, but cannot detect if they're touching a wall on their left. Both attributes LeftWalljumpEnabled and RightWalljumpEnabled are being changed and updated equally and correctly, and even though the logic for the left wall jump is exactly the same as the right wall jump, only the right wall jump registers.
  • Changing the order of the left/right events does nothing.
  • Changing the hitbox of the player to a single solid box does nothing.
  • Removing the right wall jump check and leaving the left one in does nothing. Taking out the left one does not effect the right one's functionality.
  • There are no other events that would be interfering with the left wall jump.
I'm at a complete loss, any help would be appreciated.
Also I am aware there are existing kits with walljump already implemented, but I want to do this from scratch.


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This should provide you with the information to solve your issue.
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Thanks, it's working now! I still don't exactly understand how that fixes the issue though, how does having it constantly set to false affect whether or not they're against a wall, even though the other variables that it needs are both being set correctly?