Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo


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----- Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo -----
This is a demo of what if Baldi's Basics had more than 3 floors in the game. The full version (of my Baldi's basics mod) will be free. The game has 7 floors (3 easy, 1 hard and 3 ultra hard) to win. The demo has the original characters of Baldi's basics in education and learning (Baldi,Playtime,Principal,Gotta Sweep,1st Prise,Arts and Crafters, Mrs. Pomp and It's a Bully). The demo has some of the items of Baldi's basics. This game has also many bugs or glitches so you can tell them to the comments. Some bugs are: You and other characters walk through walls, 1st Prise push you very very strongly... Anyways, that's a small demo of this mod.

How to Play:
Arrows or WASD: Walk
Spacebar: Use BSODA
Click: Use whistle,Chocolate, teleporter,alarm clock (later will be more items being used with this button), click to buttons.
Escape: Back to Main Menu
Original Game: Mystman12 (Basically, Games!)
App Used: Stencyl
Mod: Chris24XD
Special Thanks:
All school textures, characters and some items: Spongebob7989
Updated logo: BaldiTheNoobGamer
Gave me in-game title and Lamp sprite: KayipKux
Videos: Baldi Guy, TheGamingAnimator, GameTesters (MediaFile video)

----- Maps -----
The game has it's own maps. Use the photos to learn the game better:
To open the maps, download the maps file.
   --- New Versions ---
Well as you see from the title, new versions will come to the game. l'm gonna make v1.5. For now, watch some things to be pro at this 2D mod:
     --- Challenges!!! ---
A new thing at the game!!! For now 5 challenges are ready. Let's talk about them.
     --- Classtime ---
Classtime is 1 of the challenges of the game. In this challenge you have to go to 4 classes in time. Mrs Pomp will go on her way to class. You have to find the button to unlock the class; The class is locked so you can't enter instead of Mrs Pomp who walks through the walls. The game is easy but "These are Bullies" will block your way. Can you beat all the classes in time?
  --- Pushing Balloons (aka Balloon Challenge)---
You have to put 8 balloons in a Math Machine!!!
Baldi is harder at this challenge, because it's a challenge. The balloons also change color so that's funny a bit. Balloon Challenge has also many quarters to buy BSODAS. (Note that there's a bug that l can't fix it; Read the Update for more...) 1st Prise and Mrs Pomp won't get you in trouble, so your lucky. Last, it's SUPER HARD, just to know.
   --- Library Maze ---
"Travel to 4 libraries for big YTPs!" The game is in a big library where you have to escape really really quietly. Baldi still knows where are you. But don't worry! You will have Alarm Clocks, BSODAS, Chalk Erasers and maybe some new items. Can you think smart enough to find a way to trick Baldi?
   --- Speedy Challenge ---
"Try to get 25 notebooks in fast mode!!!" So guys, this is a challenge from Baldi's Basics Plus called Speedy. In this challenge, you have to get 25 notebooks while you, Baldi and Mrs. Pomp can run SUPER FAST!!! You can try buy BSODAS or find some (there 3 BSODAS in total) in rooms. "Can you think fast enough to get all the 25 notebooks and escape the school?"
   --- Class Finder (unfinished) ---
In this challenge you have to get to all the 7 classes in the shortest time you can. It is unfinished so don't play it yet.
     --- Unlockable Levels!!! ---
The game has also levels which you can unlock them by doing something. 3 are made, including Balloon Challenge too.
     --- Item Stealer ---
Well in this level, you have to enter to School Factuly Only Rooms to take all the items 2 minutes!!!
     --- Runner ---
In this level, you have to take all the Zesty Bars in 1 minute!!!
    --- Libraries!!! ---
Some things that are added to the game are libraries. You can't walk through them. Also Baldi and other characters cannot be seen if they walk through the libraries. That's a good trap so stay away from libraries, as more as you love them.
   --- YTPs (You Thought Points) ---
The game will also have YTPs. With these points, you will unlock many things. If you wanna take a piece of it see this video by me:

   --- Footage Only Scene ---
This is a scene that some things are tested in this mode. For example, the Principal can put you to detention by entering in a Factuly Room.