Jerry Frog's Most Challenging Adventure


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"Jerry Frog's Most Challenging Adventure" is my second game ; it's a remaster of the first one, "The Most Challenging Game".
This version has 7 playable frogs, controller support, day/night cycle and a switch to turn on 32 bit versions of the soundtrack
during gameplay.

Demo Link:

Youtube: Link:

Story Description:
UFOs and asteroids from space are headed to anura island.
 Jerry Frog must help rescue the citizens, so they can
relocate to a safer area. During his efforts, he will encounter fires, clasping buildings, dangerous weather
conditions, and unexpected enemies. Jerry will need to use a water gun to extinguish fires while attempting
to rescue citizens from their burning houses. He will have to leap from building roof to roof seeking anyone
in need of help as he tries to avoid falling to his death within the flames below. Jerry has to balance
himself on the fragile buildings that could clasp any second while avoiding other obstacles. By using
physics and proper timing, Jerry can rescue and relocate everyone in need of help. "HELP!" and the
distressed citizen disappears once they're rescued and relocated.


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this game is very hard. but fun.