want an extension which can read line and can edit line an online file


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I want an extension which can edit and read online file  :)
please make an extention with only two blocks like this
but please note that it can read or edit file which are uploded online For Example :- www.xyz.com/file.txt
filepath = "www.xyz.com/file.txt"
x = File.ReadLine(filePath, lineNumber)
File.WriteLine(filePath, lineNumber, contents)


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I want so many things. Most things I want need to be paid for.

If you are looking for advice how to do it by yourself : learn server side scripting

You can't do what you want if you don't control the server-side. Be it a docker, vm or private server.
You could run things from your local computer(s) but you need administrative access on your router.
And of course the computer you run, as a server, should be on all the time you want to run the service for your game.

If you want someone to make this you propably should provide more information,
because I estimate that you are only looking at a solution that MIGHT work for your idea. Depending on the reason you
need this there are propably much better solutions than a textfile that only one game at a time can access.

You can also run some examples from my extension list. Maybe something that is there will help you:

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I learn server side scripting i.e php , e.t.c    and make leaderboard  :) :) :) :)
using get and post request FREE bro