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I posted a post where I said I was doing a German translation, and now I see it's been deleted oO. Don't you want a German translation? Why delete the post?

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You already posted both on the issue tracker and in an old thread from 2012. I don't think you had any posts deleted, unless I'm missing something.

Either way, your help is appreciated. One thing that's unclear is if you are already working on it, or if you need help with files or something else. so if you could explain that a bit we could provide what you need.
I did find a pre-existing translation project to German, but I don't know how far it got:,35550.msg201375.html#msg201375

There's also been some help on a French translation a couple of months ago, but I can't find the thread with it. It could provide a bit more information on the whole process.
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Ok, that someone has already translated it, I had not found. Thanks for showing me this, so my work is superfluous^^. Yes, I would have done it myself, but it's already done.
Edit: Ok, I see it's not complete, I'll change that.

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