Hitbox changing to obscure location when switching animations


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Normally, the hitbox around the player characters stays just that, around the player in a single box. However, when switching to certain animations (specifically when jumping and aiming to the left), the hitbox is placed at a fixed location away from the player (attached image). Any ideas what could be causing this?


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Tools > Game > Clean Project.

Double check the collision bounds of all your animations, make sure they are consistent and are within the actor's bounds.

Deactivate all your code for that actor, leaving only something temporary that switch to specific animations on key presses, and test that as an isolated case. From there you can determine if the issue is with your animation's settings or code messing with animations or their collision bounds.
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The hitbox for that animation ended up being one pixel too tall and that was somehow throwing the engine completely off. Computers are weird. Thank you!