Stencyl Game with most Playable Characters?


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This isn't really a question about making a game, but I wanted to know the answer to which Stencyl game has the largest amount of pre-made playable characters? One of mine (Easter Fun 2) has 64 in total.

This is just out of my own curiosity.
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I think a better question to start with would be, "is there a comprehensive list of all Stencyl games somewhere?" I don't think there is. There have been a lot of ambitious projects mentioned in the forum alone, so I wouldn't assume anything, or draw any conclusions without a list to go by. 64 is a lot, though--so definitely one of the most.

Good contenders for the title "most pre-made playable characters" that I can think of would be Hoppy Pals (I think it was renamed, though), and Emotional Balls. Both were mobile games. I don't think large casts of characters are uncommon for casual games with short rounds, since unlocking new characters is a fun reward and usually not hard to add in.

I think Emotional Balls had more than 64, but I don't remember and can't find a screenshot with all of the characters.