If I buy most expensive Stencyl what are all that I can export to and how?


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#1: If I work for any video game company (examples: PlayStation or Nintendo or Microsoft [who owns XBox stuff]).

#2: If I do not work for any video game company.

Also how do I (if I purchase most expensive version of Stencyl) upload an HTML 5 game to http://www.stencyl.com/ Stencyl website for others to play please? Thank you.

Also where can I play Stencyl made HTML 5 made games (including on Stencyl website if any) please? Thank you.
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You can export to mobile and desktop targets. For consoles, you are looking at a publisher or someone to do the porting process. Ratalaika games have ported Stencyl games to Switch, for example.

itch.io is a popular destination for uploading your HTML5 games, so consider uploading there. I don't know what will become of the Stencyl Arcade in the future, but for now there's not much use in uploading games there, since the upload is on Flash and not HTML5.
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