App Tracking Transparency Framework iOS

Hi. I’ve had my app rejected because of the new App Tracking Transparency framework (message below). I have acknowledged the tracking of data in my submission as my app uses admob. Does Stencyl have any blocks to solve this?


Guideline 5.1.2 - Legal - Privacy - Data Use and Sharing

We noticed you do not use App Tracking Transparency to request the user's permission before tracking their activity across apps and websites. The app privacy information you provided in App Store Connect indicates you collect data in order to track the user, including Product Interaction, Device ID, Advertising Data, Coarse Location, Crash Data, and Performance Data.

Starting with iOS 14.5, apps on the App Store need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework before collecting data used to track them. This requirement protects the privacy of App Store users.

Next Steps

Here are two ways to resolve this issue:

- You can remove the tracking functionality from your app and update your app privacy information in App Store Connect.
- If you decide to continue tracking users, you must implement App Tracking Transparency and request permission before collecting data used to track the user or device. When you resubmit, indicate in the Review Notes where the permission request is located

Just seen this has already been flagged on issue tracker.