Checking for In-App purchase


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Using Android:

I am not sure if my app is handling my coding for In-App purchasing correctly and I need to make a live test to find out.

1) The app has been installed on my mobile device using Google account A normal In-App purchase has been done using this account. The app writes and retrieves purchase info to/from memory using the check-data/save-data blocks. I do this so that purchase info can be checked off-line. This info is used to check if In-App has been purchased when it starts from initial scene. The saved data is only a word "yes" or "no", confirming or un-confirming if an In-App has been purchased.

2) The app has now been deleted/de-installed from the mobile device. Using a brand new Google user I installed the app from Google Play (no In-App purchase for this user!). After installation the app behaves as if In-App has been has taken place.

Q: Is it possible that when the App was re-installed under Pos 2 above and tries to read saved data, it finds the data which was saved under Pos 1 above (meaning that saved data does not get deleted when the app itself gets deleted)?


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iOS / Android / Desktop
Mobile games store save data directly on the device's file system but within the confines of the app's sandbox. This means that the data is "safe" and cannot be tampered with by any other apps.

This save data is not deleted until the game itself is deleted (and settings/data are explicitly told to be removed).

Is it possible you didn't specify settings/data to be removed when the game was deleted?
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