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I want to apply effects on the brightness layers or other effects on specific layers.
I only found that shaders can be applied but on the whole screen and not by layers. Is it possible to apply effects to specific layers? I don't want to use blnad modes of the layers in the level editor.


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You can change your layer's blend mode through blocks. You can try using the image API to attach an image to your layer and adjust its brightness/opacity/blend mode as needed, since effects can be applied to image instances. That's the best I got.

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ok I wanted to apply it to the tiles in the layers, so as not to have to be editing the tiles to give shadow and darkness effects.
now i was trying to add a shader to an image to have a rippled water effect and i can't add it like i apply the shader to an image ?? because I get the whole screen of the game and not in the image!

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