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One final post to break the news that this project is officially closed.
I really enjoyed working with Stencyl and was so happy to revive my Stencyl 2 port of Soulless. I couldn't have brought it back onto App Stores without the help of Justin and I really appreciate that.
In fact, you can still buy it right now from either the iOS App store or Mac App Store.

As for Brawler, it looks like there are too many hurdles to still overcome, if I still had the time I did years back to work on games, it would have been an interesting challenge, but as it stands, it was foolish to try and re-create an existing game all over again rather than just working to improve what already exists. Sorry if anyone was excited to see this particular project come to life, and thank you to everyone in the Stencyl community, especially Justin.

While Brawler won't be making the leap to Stencyl, Soulless is now fully powered by this great engine. #MadeInStencyl