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Hello everyone,

I started to make a new game yesterday. I've ended up with so many unfinished projects and I really want to be able to have a new complete game to play.

The idea behind this one is similar to The Poppytales, in that it's a game where you play as characters from across my games and other stuff I've made and fight bosses. I'm trying to make this as simple as possible for me to do, since with The Poppytales it was getting a little difficult. I'd made about 20 characters, a bunch of whom had their own unique mechanics, and it was going well, but it felt like a bit too much for me.

So, this new game doesn't have a name yet, and I've made 3 out of a planned 81 playable characters (which I feel is better than 100+, and I did finish a game in the past with 64, so I feel like 81 isn't too much). Of course if I really wanted to I could go back and add more, since the amount of characters I've created for games and other stuff is a very high number.

At the moment, Poppytail, Easter Bunny and Gremlin Girl are in the game (this trio originates from my first Poppytail game), and about half the playable characters are planned to be from Poppytail games 1-4. There are two from Century Game too, but the rest are new characters who aren't associated with any other projects.

This leaves a lot of room for possible additions in the future, if that's what I choose. But for now, I want to stick with this smaller roster of characters.

I've also gone back to my crappy art style. The game's not going to have very good art/animations, and I think I'm okay with that. I tried making art by hand drawing it, but it was tedious to make and implement. So I'm going back to drawing everything in Pencyl.

Working on the first boss at the moment. I'm hoping that this game will be a lot quicker and easier to make.

I'm also changing up something that characters had in Easter Fun 2 (the aforementioned game I made with 64 playable characters): their attacks. In EF2, the characters all had attacks related to them, such as Daggercat throwing daggers, for example. Instead with this game I wanted to make a weapon system similar to Cuphead, except each character is locked to an elemental type and two weapons. I've come up with 11 weapon ideas, and 4 have been implemented into the game so far. They will also change colour depending on the element of the user (for example, fire characters will have red attacks, water will have blue, etc.).

I think for now I'll try and keep my other projects out of my mind. I don't want to say I've cancelled them, but I think it'll be easier for me to focus on one game at a time.
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