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Luyren's Bézier Curve is a resource pack that enables you to add bézier curves to your games. Bézier curves are curves defined by control points, which can be used to move actors, move images, or create graphs of data points that can be exported, for example to make a status progression in my RPG Elements Pack.

  • With the Bezier Curve behavior, you have access to custom blocks to create curves at runtime, or call preset curves customized in the behavior, and can move actors along these curves. You can also create your own interpolation methods for actor movement. A robust build mode allows you to create the curves within Stencyl itself, and use the generated values to whatever you might need.
  • With the Move Images Along Curve behavior, all the movement along bézier curves can be applied to image instances attached to a layer.
  • Chain together several preset curves to make complex movement for your actors.

A comprehensive documentation file is included, with use cases and example code, as well as a sample game where you can see this pack in action. For more information about bézier curves, check the video "The Beauty of Bézier Curves" by Freya Homlér, which inspired and gave me the knowledge to create this resource pack.

Bézier curves have a wide range of uses, and I can't possibly list them all here. Experiment, play around, and you might find how they can add to your games.

This is compatible with all my other resource packs.

Download it here

Happy Sencyling!
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