Behaviour Error for iOS

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Not sure if this is a bug or if anyone else has gotten this, but when I tried to test on iOS I got this error.

So this is the behaviour

The issue is this line here by the look of it

No biggy though, it's easy enough to just remove this for now and it'll run fine.
Just thought I'd share in case anyone else gets this. This was while using 410-beta3 b10814


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That's Objective-C code. That behavior must have been created back when the iOS target was 100% Objective-C, even in Design Mode. Perhaps it was called iStencyl back then? Or maybe Stencyl could target both Flash and iOS for a short time. I don't recall. But that was before Stencyl 3. All code is Haxe now, and if you want to use Objective-C you need to use a native extension.

Anyway, that bit of code does exactly the same thing the Flash code above it does. Perhaps there was something wrong with those blocks on iOS back then. I don't know. You can just get rid of the "do only on flash" and "do only on iOS" bits, and only keep the "set stroke color" block.

What might be a better idea, since this seems to be one of the built-in behaviors, is to just delete it and reimport from the built-in behaviors library. But that would require you to make a list of all the actor types that use it, and make sure to attach the new behavior to all the same actor types and make sure it has all the same settings on each actor type.
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