Invaders - Increment Block


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I am unable to plug the Victory Counter number attribute into the increment block and the only available option in the drop down menu is "numbers". I verified that the attribute was setup correctly, I also tried restarting and reinstalling. Though the reinstall was a freak accident... somehow it uninstalled itself, perhaps related to installing the Java SDK? But that is another issue :)

I recently purchased the Indie plan because I had fun playing with this a year ago... but also don't recall having this issue haha.

Any advice? I am running the latest Stencyl version available.



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If "Victory Counter" is a game attribute (purple), those don't fit in the increment block. Use the following:
Code: [Select]
Set Victory Counter to [Victory Counter] + 1

If it's a regular blue attribute, just select it from the dropdown provided in the increment block.
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