Level Reload Freeze


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When my character falls off the screen it dies and restarts like it should, but when it dies by touching an enemy, there is a half-chance it will freeze.

On the Scene I have the event : (actor of type) When a 'Character' is killed, (scene block)reload and crossfade for 1 sec.
I had to set both the Character and Enemy Events to kill the Character when touch by the enemy and  to kill the enemy when the character is on its head, just to get the reload feature to work at all, any help, please?
The character and enemy behaviors are both actor of type events as well.


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Test the game on Flash. It should give you an error message pointing to the line of code that's triggering the issue. Other than that, you'd have to post a screenshot of your code to get more precise help. There is a camera icon at the bottom right corner to export the entire image of your behavior.
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