[WORK AROUND] Tiles not creating. Also Tiles not removing?


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I followed the api and other topics to try and create and then remove tiles.

First I tried to just remove them in game using logic after creating the tiles in the scene editor.

Then I read you have to create them in "When created" first to then destroy. Still won't work, Won't even create?

See attached ScreenShots. I am a bit confused as to what I'm missing.

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I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work, unless there's an issue somewhere else in the code. Both the tiles and their collisions should be removed if the tiles were created via code. Tiles that are placed in the scene editor can be removed, but the collision boxes persist. If you turn on debug draw, you can see what's really happening--the scene editor merges collision boxes in an effort to reduce Box2D's CPU usage. The drawback is that these tile collision boxes are permanent.


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Hey merrack.

So either setting them doesn't work.

OR putting them in scene editor then deleting programmatically.

I checked with debug boxes on and nothing!?


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Just FYI In case someone reads this. I didn't solve the issue. But as a workaround I created an actor that looks like my tiles. When a Boolean is set to true it kills itself :)