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I've used Stencyl in teaching and in the past the compiled Flash file was great as it gave the students a self-contained file they could easily run at home. But with Flash deprecated now and HTML5 requiring a web host to run that compiled file, this no longer so great for students. Is there an HTML5 (or similar?) option that would create a file that would run either independently or in a browser that wouldn't require a webhost?


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If you have a flash player (there's still one bundled with Stencyl, for now) flash games can be played in that.

I've been thinking about adding an export option to package html5 games in something like redbean. That would allow it to spin up a server and open the appropriate page in the user's default web browser.

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Sorry for the delayed reply. That sounds good!


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Has there been any movement on this at all?

ETA: I see Ruffle makes a good substitute.

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