GooglePlay and food delivery service help please


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email stands for electronic mail

# is the symbol that means number

ID stands for Identification

Question #1: If someone takes a picture of both the person's own non GooglePlay card and ID at the same time and sends that picture to Google to get Google to approve the card's number use what are the ways to find the six digit code the person needs to mention to Google so the card can be used?

Question #2: On DoorDash and similar how does a person order an order for delivery such as large Double Whopper meal only mayonaisse and cheese with Diet Dr. Pepper from Burger King?

Question #3: When Google asks for proof of address to be able to make a non GooglePlay card usable for purchases with a GooglePlay card how does the person give Google proof of address?

Question #4: How can people whose GooglePlay email address email account no longer accessable still complete steps to both Question #1: and also Question #3:?

Question #5: Can people use food service credits to pay both for order and delivery or no?

Question #6: How does someone change delivery address on food delivery app whether it be DoorDash or other?

Question #7: Can someone use GooglePlay credits to pay for food delivery service such as DoorDash?

Question #8: How does someone delete a food delivery order when the order is delivered whether it is DoorDash or other?

Question #9: How does someone use a food delivery service whether DoorDash or other to order from multiple places such as Arby's and Burger King for delivery?

Question #10: How does someone cancel an order with a food delivery service whether it is DoorDash or other?

Question #11: How does someone use a delivery service whether DoorDash or other to place a gas station delivery order such as Flamin' Hot Cheetos and White Powdered Donuts and 44 ounces (oz.) of Diet Dr. Pepper?

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Awesome Help 127
awesome help 127
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