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The sample game "Drop Block" freezes up when I attach Luyren's Miscellaneous Behaviors Partciles.
It starts off well, all three Red, Green and Blue dots emit from the Block the Particles behaviour is attached to.
But after about 15 seconds the emitting particles slow down then the whole game freezes and I need Task Manager to kill it.
Nothing else is moving in the game, I just click the block with the mouse and off they go, but not for long, whether compiled or by Flash.

The following is the setting I use:-
Red Dot;Green Dot;Blue Dot,0,Self/0.2,1.5/1,5,0/Random/0,5,3,10/To Angle/245,295/5,15/0,0/-10,10

What may I be doing wrong please?


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Likely you are not killing your actor particles. You have to do that on your own, or use the provided "Die over Time" behavior.
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Hi Luyren,

Ah yes, I didn't realize I needed to do this.
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and resolve.

By the way, you are doing a very significant and marvellous job in your contributions to Stencyl.