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Hope I'm not being a nuisance as this is the 2nd time I need to turn to the Forum for help on particles. I tried for 2-3 hours various parameter combinations to make my particles spin around the actor just like in Luyren's Miscellaneous Behaviors tutorial, but no luck.

Here is just one example I tried of many attempts, but obviously I'm not understanding something:-

Red Dot;Green Dot;Blue Dot,0,Self/0.2,1.5/1,5,0/Perimeter/10,50,0,360/Expand/10,10/3,3/0,90/0,0

It works, but the particles just go down and yes, the Gravity is definitely set to 'No' for all 3 particles.

Can someone please give me an example of the entire parameter line whereby the particles spin around the actor 360 degrees?


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Use the Orbit behavior plus the instructions to update the Particles behavior with special movement from here.
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Thanks again!
Very much appreciated.