Rogue of Vallas - 0.0.3


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R o g u e   o f   V a l l a s

This is an open alpha release of Rogue of Vallas. If prompted for a password, it is "stencyldiscord".


Explore the distant future in Rogue of Vallas, an action-adventure platformer with RPG elements. Follow the story of Marika, her resistance against the Vallas Empire, and the discovery of an ancient ruin which bears secrets of a lost advancement: electricity.

Rogue of Vallas features an immersive story and a rich skills and leveling system. Explore and find books which can unlock dozens of skills, find gold to unlock powerful weapons and tools, and formulate cunning strategies to outsmart the Vallan Empire.


Release Notes.
This is the Alpha 0.0.3 version of Rogue of Vallas, consisting of the first 12 levels of the game. This is "Chapter 1" out of four planned chapters. Your feedback is appreciated and will help steer development of the remaining levels!

I'm running this as an open test. The password is simply to prevent search engines and bots from finding the game, since it isn't prime time yet.

Currently available for:
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows

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Linux and Windows versions have been updated to 0.0.3! Mac coming soon. Also released for MacOS!

Release Notes:

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The revisions for Alpha Version 0.0.3 mainly focus on the "new player experience":
adjusting the difficulty of early-game levels, adding tutorial screens, and fixing
key bugs that were identified in the Alpha Version 0.0.2 test phase. New major
features include fully-customizable keyboard controls and support for "emoting"
sound effects in dialogs. (Note: sound effects have yet to be added, though).

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Known Issues (0.0.3)
Achievements not yet implemented
Sound effects in dialog not yet populated
The cause of a rare bug that prohibits Marika from climbing through semi-solid
   platforms (like hills) has not yet been identified.
Elevator positions are not saved. Don't read save books on moving elevators!
The states of breakable lights are not saved

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0.0.2 > 0.0.3 Changelog
Took out some of the turrets in A2L1 Conquered Lands
Increased cost of Endurance skill (to 16k) and decreased cost of Aiming (to 9k)
Swapped location of Endurance book (A2L1 Conquered Lands > A2L2 High Security
   Compound) and Aiming book (A2L2 > A2L1)
Moved Recovery book from A1L1 Run Away to A3L3 Chasm
Smoothed out the style bonuses in A3L3 so that not so many of the points ride on
   achieving a perfect rank
Increased cost of Flying Kick to 25k, since it is likely to be the most powerful
   offensive skill in Chapter 1
Money is now displayed instead of score in villages (safe zone)
Experience is now displayed instead of level score when reading books
Changed length of single-step from 1 1/2 tiles (24px) to 3/4 tile (12px)
Collision detection in map is now based on center of player marker instead of
   upper-left corner
Fixed bug with ledge detection and single-step movement
Turning-while-running distance shortened
If Marika slips off a ledge while turning-while-running, she will grab the ledge
Added customized keyboard controls
Help screens reflect customized controls
Added tutorial signage to first levels that direct new players to controls
Added pop-up dialogs when new skills reveal new controls
Added a room to the start of the first level that teaches new players how to move
   and climb
Emerald Elixirs now add +1 Max HP
Added a Sapphire Elixir to A3L3 Chasm and an Emerald Elixir to A1L1 (Run Away)
Max HP can now reach 25 by A2L1 Conquered Lands and 50 by A3L7 Secret Garden (65
   with Milky Elixir)
Gold Elixirs now add +3 Max EN
Rebalanced INT requirements for Chapter 1 skill books
HP and EN displays can now handle values over 99
Marika is invincible for 25 ticks after taking damage
Added button sounds to dialog selection
Mega NoisePro now allows all sounds to be played
Turrets no longer spray flaming debris when killed
Added victory pose sequence
Fixed bug that allows player to move outside of map boundaries
Fixed bug that prohibits climbing moving elevator platforms in some circumstances

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